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Local Moving

Maybe you are in college and moving into your first home away from home, or maybe your family is growing and you are moving into a larger home to fit. Maybe you are moving into a new home in a new city to start a new career. Or maybe you are just moving across town to be closer to a special someone!

We Do Residential Moves In Northwest, Ohio & Southeast, Michigan.

There are thousands of reasons we move but it doesn’t make the actual moving part any easier or less overwhelming. Your home is your special place. The place where you relax, unwind, and surround yourself with the things you love. It’s where you keep your comfy bed, your favorite chair, your album collection, and your family photos. No matter what, you need movers you can trust!

We do home moves of all sizes! In fact, there isn’t a size of a residential home that we would not be able to help with. We do studio apartments all the way up to 10,000 square foot homes — big or small, we can do it all!

Our Residential Moving Process

We here at A.B.C Movers know that home is where the heart is and we take our responsibility very seriously. Our movers are highly trained and highly motivated and offer award-winning service that is unmatched in the industry. We work tirelessly to make your home move easy, stress-free, and dare we say it, even fun.

Arrival & First Walk-Through

We arrive on time with clean, fully outfitted commercial moving trucks (no trucks and trailers here) and all moving supplies and equipment we might need. This includes padding, shrink wrap, tools, and more! We’ll also conduct our first (of three) walk-throughs of your home. We review room by room with you to:

  1. Get an idea of what is being moved
  2. Get an idea of what isn’t being moved
  3. The basic order of how things will be moved
  4. If any items require special attention or have any pre-existing damages
  5. Confirm the estimate provided over the phone is correct

Once the contract is signed we will begin prepping your home to move.


We prep your home by laying down a rug runner or pads to ensure we don’t damage your floors. We also remove doors or set up door jambs to keep entryways clear and protected. This not only helps our movers move your stuff out safely and efficiently, but it can even help move any appliances you might have (e.g. fridges, ovens, etc).


We pad and shrink wrap everything, and we mean everything, so it’s protected for transit. Our movers will come fully equipped with our own tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture for a complete move. We know your belongings are important to you, that’s why our movers go above and beyond to protect them!

Second Walk-Through

Our team performs a second walk-through before we leave your current home (the one you’re moving from) to make sure:

  1. Everything that needs to be moved is in the truck
  2. We haven’t left any tools or hardware behind
  3. We are ready to go to the destination location

Final Walk-Through

The final walk-through after the move is complete, consists of ensuring all items or furniture are completely assembled and in the exact place you want them. We encourage you to take advantage of our movers being there to make sure items are exactly where you want them. Sometimes even moving things a few inches can make a big difference in the feel of the room! We also check all appliances and do a final walk-through to make sure there aren’t any tools or hardware we missed as well as answering any final questions. We will then clean up your home and make sure all of our pads and materials are loaded up in the truck before stopping the clock and signing the final paperwork.


Once we’ve stopped the clock, we accept payment. Once the contract is closed, we let you know the final move total based on the total hours we worked (or the minimum) and you can pay with cash or credit cards.

So relax, we got you! Let us do the heavy lifting.